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Nate Daughenbaugh- As the head professor of SSBJJ, Nate has held many responsibilities beyond coaching. Nate  was awarded his first degree black belt from Professor Finnie McMahon in 2023. This accomplishment has come as the result of years of training and a passion for Jiu Jitsu. On top of this, Nate is a veterinarian at Steamboat Veterinary Hospital and a Marine and Army veteran. 





Dave MarrsAs Nate's first student, Dave has been training for the past 13 years. He was awarded his black belt by Professor Finnie McMahon August, 2021. In addition to training BJJ and directing the kid's Jiu Jitsu program, he has been a teacher at Steamboat Mountain School (formerly known as Emerald Mountain School) for the past 14 years. Dave also enjoys mountain biking and skiing. 




Brett Shaw- Brett joined not too long after Dave and received his black belt in 2021 by Professor Finnie McMahon. In addition to his responsibilities at SSBJJ, Brett also is owner of Timberline Contracting Inc ( and is in charge of 4 active children.  







Christian Godoy- The heart of a lion is one of the most admirable qualities that Christian possesses. A veritable library of knowledge of BJJ techniques and positions makes him a great source of information. Christian has that admirable ability to pass this knowledge to others through clear explanations and in terms that easily can be understood. 



Annalia Bailey- Annalia possesses a calm and laid back demeanor until you get paired up with her. She has confidence in her game, which is ever present in any given week on the mat. She is our head coach for the the female-only classes and helps out with intro classes as well as our kids programs.

Ben Russell- Ben most recently has been awarded his brown belt. He also holds a black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate. Ben has been an important part of our coaching staff both covering intro adult classes as well as helping with both kids programs. 






Abbey Rae ResterAbbey Rae arrived to Steamboat in the fall of 2020 as a purple belt. She immediately became an integral part of the crew and currently leads our "drillers are killers" class. Long walks in the forest allow her to formulate new strategies in which to apply her favorite submission, the armbar!

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