• Dylan Parsons

    Steamboat Springs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: SSBJJ is not a gym or dojo but a community. The collective talent everyone brings to the mat is paralleled only by the immense, near-tangible sense of camaraderie and mutual respect in and out of the gym. The "laid back" attitude of instructors and students alike reflects not laziness or complacency but a willingness to accommodate almost any need with patience and respect.

    Newcomers are greeted with enthusiasm and attention, and are never made to feel inferior or unwelcome. At SSBJJ, all members understand that teaching is the best form of learning, and that everyone who walks through the door is as valuable to everyone there as everyone there is to him/her.

    Experienced practitioners of any level will find a friendly place to train and top-notch instruction. Members of SSBJJ love sharing experiences with people who have learned different techniques or styles.

    As long as you respect yourself, your training partners, and the sport/art, you're guaranteed to have a great time. Let it never be said that the guys and gals at SSBJJ are anything but kind, patient, experienced, and respectful.

  • Leo Michael Kennedy

    "I was a little nervous about coming in as I had no prior experience in any kind of martial arts, but any apprehension I had was immediately removed when I actually went. Everyone at the club was so incredibly kind and welcoming. The coaches have been super encouraging and the more experienced students have never shown any kind of unhappiness of having to roll with a total beginner. In fact, other students have been as helpful and encouraging as the coaches, often stopping in the middle of grappling to show me the right way to do something and giving me tips after time expired. People have even stayed late with me to show me a thing or two or just to get extra practice. I was also surprised at how much talent there is at a small club in a small town. Despite this, even the most talented students are very humble. I would encourage anyone in the area who is considering training in BJJ to come to this gym and I promise you will not be disappointed."

  • Alex Pugel

    Steamboat Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is just straight-up awesome! Seriously, I can't shout it out loud enough. Every time I roll with the crew here, it feels like I'm leveling up, not just in skill, but in life too.

    These guys aren't just helping me nail my techniques; they're actually helping me be a better me. It's all about good vibes, solid moves, and having a laugh while we're at it. It's the kind of place that gets you hooked from the first roll, pushing you to better yourself one session at a time.

    I'd totally recommend anyone to drop by and just give it a go. You won't be disappointed!

  • Mike Eurauto

    "My wife and I stop in over our honeymoon to train with these guys, they were all very open and super inviting. I have been training Jiu Jitsu for years now and there are not many gyms as welcoming as they were. Thank you guys for letting us come in and train with you guys we will be returning on our next visit to Steamboat and I would highly recommend you guys to anyone in the area looking for a place to train!"

  • Mike Piscopo

    "Only good things to say about the coaches Nate, Dave, and Brett, and the rest of the guys. The instruction is clear and complete. Everyone is encouraged to push their limits, and the training can be quite rigorous. However, the greatest emphasis is placed on looking out for each other by avoiding injury, and helping each other grow into jiu-jitsu at their own pace. I recommend this group for beginners and advanced practitioners alike

  • Lee Meyring

    I am fortunate to be one of the 'FoundingFive" members and was new to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I've trained in other gyms and have been able to compete in a tournament, giving me appreciation for the sport. The Steamboat community is very blessed to have Nate Daughenbaugh with his skills, knowledge and passion as our instructor!"

  • Audrey Walker

    "These coaches are amazing! Not only do they teach the kids how to grapple, they teach them life skills that range from anti-bullying, to respecting others, to doing their homework! Thank you!"

  • Matt Coates

    "This team was very welcoming. I had the pleasure of attending a seminar here and I never once felt like an outsider. They certainly helped me on my game. If you're in town definitely stop by."

  • Mitchell Bowman

    Came in to roll while on vacation and instantly felt welcomed. Great group of jiujitsu players ready to share their knowledge. Highly recommended gym with great instruction from coaches

  • Jessica McCullough Quigley

    The coaches are just amazing. Our 7 year old loves going to practice. There are so many benefits, both physical and mental. Thank you SSBJJ!

  • James Barbour

    "Great group. Positive vibes. Broad spectrum of experience and skill. Slap hands, bump fists, simulate murder. I love it here."

  • Carl Walker

    Excellent, well rounded instruction focusing on the athletes whole person. Love bringing my kids and family here.

  • Michael Austin

    Excellent place to train, very happy to find their school when I was visiting Steamboat. Nice dojo, nice people, no knuckleheads...... Thanks Nate!

  • Delia Gregory McDonald

    And they are all really good looking.... So bonus!